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  • Fleshlight Buying Guide

    Make sure you read the FAQ if this page doesn’t answer all of your questions.

    I am a first time buyer, what should I get?
    In my opinion I would say the Stamina Training Unit (STU). The STU is only available with a case, you can’t buy it separately. This means that if you decide you want to get it later you will have another case (this isn’t neccassarily a bad thing, but it’s easier to store inserts than it is cases in my opinion). The STU is also one of my favorite inserts.

    ILF, the creators of the Fleshlight, says that 90% of their customers start out with the original pink lady Fleshlight.

    The 3 for 2 offer (buy two sleeves get the third for free) is a good choice for the first time buyer because it allows you to try a variety of different Fleshlights. This is the most expensive option for the first time buyer and the 3 for 2 does not come with a case. If you ever think you will want to get more than one Fleshlight though, this is a great way to start.

    If I had to make a recommendation to a first time buyer on which three inserts to get I would probably recommend the following.

    Wonder Wave Lady
    Speed Bump Butt
    Super Tight (your choice of orifice)

    This would give you two textured inserts, one being bumps the other being ridges as well as a smooth insert. You may want to change some of those when you take into consideration the size of your penis and whether you are cut or uncut.

    Which insert should I get?
    This is easily the most asked question and one of the hardest ones to answer. Everyone is different and has different tastes.

    There are some things that you should take into consideration though.

    The size of your penis. The size of your penis can play an important role in which insert you choose. To make sure we are all on the same page use the following method to measure the size of your penis. The average penis on an adult male is between 5 and 6 inches with a girth of 4-5 inches. When you are measuring yourself don’t lie or try to make yourself seem bigger than you really are. An accurate measurement can help you choose the correct insert and by lying you are only hurting yourself.

    According to ILF, larger than average men tend to get the Original Pink Lady Flesh light or the Speed Bump. Smaller than average men get the Super Tight or the Wonder Wave.

    What orifice should I get?
    Again, this is a very personal decision. You should just choose the orifice that is the most appealing to you. Below are the three offices that are offered. From left to right: Lady, Butt, Mouth

    Fleshlight ladyfleshlight buttfleshlight mouth

    There are few subtle differences between that I should point out. The Lady (vagina) has the largest opening which allows for easier insertion. The butt has the thinnest opening which allows you to get to the texture sooner on textured inserts such as the Speed Bump and Wonder Wave.

    The final decision you have to make when choosing your insert is what insert to get. This is by far the toughest decision. What type of sensation do you want? Do you think you would prefer a textured or smooth insert? Do you like it tight or a bit loose? How big is your penis? You need to take all of these factors into account when you choose. I recommend reading all the reviews here before you make your decision. When you do pick one out and receive it please come back here and write a review and tell me how you like it!

    Which inserts best simulate various sex acts?
    All of these are up for debate but here is what ILF has to say:

    To simulate vaginal sex: Wonder Wave Lady
    To simulate anal sex: Super Tight Butt
    To simulate oral sex: Super Ribbed Mouth
    Most Intense: Super Ribbed Butt

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