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  • Vibro Touch Fleshlight Review

    Fleshlight Vibro

    The Fleshlight Vibro touch is one of the latest designs by Fleshlight and holy crap is it amazing. The Fleshlight Vibro Touch is Fleshlight’s first vibrating Fleshlight. The Vibro Touch has an all new inner texture which has quickly become one of my favorites. The Fleshlight Vibro Touch is available with two different orifices, the pussy and the butt.

    The Fleshlight Vibro Touch Fleshlight is made with Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Superskin, a material that is incredibly lifelike and by far the best material for a male sextoy that I’ve ever used. The Vibro Touch Fleshlight has three little pockets located on the back face of the insert which you insert up to three vibrating bullets into. These little bullets are surprisingly powerful but remain very quiet. I was a bit concerned that with the vibrators installed that the whole Fleshlight would be rocking and rolling but surprisingly that isn’t the case. Even with all three vibrators on you can put the Vibro down on a hard surface and it really doesn’t move around much at all. The vibrating bullets also stay securely in their pockets during use, I’ve never had one slip out on me. The Vibro Fleshlight Touch comes with sleeve, a gunmetal Vibro case, three Fleshlight Bullet vibrators, a 10-pack of extra batteries and sample of lube.

    Vibro Touch TextureI will just go ahead and start this review by stating that the Vibro Pink Lady Touch is now my favorite of the Fleshlight models. The Vibro Touch’s inner canal is similar to that of the STU and the Speed Bump but instead of bumps it has hundreds of little tiny “fingers”. I started out by warming up my Vibro Touch in the sink, like I do all my Fleshlights, after giving it a nice bath and getting it nice and warm I inserted the three bullet vibrators, I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet the vibrating bullets were, I put some lube on my fingers and started to finger the Vibro Touches pussy. The vibrations were nice and strong on my fingers and as I sat there fingering my new pussy I felt myself getting hard. I laid down on my back and slipped myself inside. WOW, WOW, WOW!! I could instantly feel the hundreds of soft “fingers” inside of the Vibro Touch quickly vibrating along the shaft of my cock and the feeling was amazingly intense. The “fingers” inside of the Vibro Touch are angled, when you push inside you slide smoothly in but as you pull back the fingers kind of catch on you, especially around the head of your penis, and the vibrations just wiggle those little fingers all along the length of you. It wasn’t long before my eyes were tightly closed and I was biting my bottom lip trying hard not to cum as the Vibro Touch worked it’s magic. Another added bonus of the three vibrators is it makes the opening a bit tighter, which is never a bad thing. Since my first ride with the Vibro Touch I’ve used it dozens of times and it is now my favorite of the inserts. You owe it to yourself and your dick to get one of these, it’s simply amazing!

    Get your Vibro Pink Lady Touch today
    Get your Vibro Pink Butt Touch today

    In my opinion Fleshlight has really hit a grand slam with the Vibro Touch. They made an already incredible product even better with the addition of vibration. As I’ve already stated, the Vibro Touch is now my favorite Fleshlight model.

    Fleshlight Vibro

    The Vibro Touch is a good deal too, included with each order is the insert sleeve, a case, three vibrators and ten extra batteries and a small sample pack of lube, for $89.95 you get a lot of bang for you buck!

    Get your Vibro today!

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