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  • Wonder Wave Fleshlight Review

    Fleshlight Wonder Wave

    The Wonder Wave was the first textured Fleshlight that ILF brought to the market and it has been a smashing success. The Wonder Wave Fleshlight’s canal is lined with lots of ridges which are spaced approximately a half inch apart (see the above picture). The Wonder Wave is less intense than the some of the other textured inserts such as the Speed Bump and the Super Ribbed. The Wonder Wave was made to closely mimic the inside of a woman’s vagina.

    The Wonder Wave is a solid insert and definitely enjoyable, but I personally prefer the more intense inserts like the STU and the Super Ribbed. One thing that I really do like about the Wonder Wave is that it’s easier to last longer, so if you are in the mood for a prolonged masturbation session then the Wonder Wave is an excellent choice.

    My first few uses with the Wonder Wave were a bit of a disappointment, there is definitely a learning curve for this insert. With Fleshlights it is possible to adjust the suction that you can achieve by loosening or tightening the end cap. With most of the inserts I find I like a lot of suction but with this one I find that less suction is better. With less suction as you slide in you can feel the ridges sliding gently past the head of your cock and as you slide back out you can really feel the ridges gripping and massaging your sensitive head bringing on a feeling of ecstasy. The ridges in the Wonder Wave are pretty good at retaining lube as well so don’t overdue it on the lube. I have grown to really like the Wonder Wave, the sensations come in waves as you use it, ebbing and flowing as you slide in and out. I have found that long, slow, deep strokes work best with the Wonder Wave. Long slow strokes with little to no suction really can provide you with an incredibly intense orgasm.

    While many men say that the Wonder Wave is their favorite, I personally prefer bumps to ridges, which is probably why I like the STU and the Speed Bump better than the Wonder Wave or the Super Ribbed. I will say that it is hard to go wrong with this insert; it feels fantastic and I have no trouble whatsoever recommending it. I just prefer some of the other inserts.

    If you are going to do the 3 for 2 deal this is definitely one of the inserts that you should include.

    The Wonder Wave is available with any of the orifices: Lady, butt, and mouth.

    Get your Wonder Wave Today.

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