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  • Super Ribbed Fleshlight Review

    Fleshlight Super Ribbed

    The Super Ribbed Fleshlight is like the Wonder Wave only much more intense. Whereas the Wonder Wave has ridges spaced about a half an inch apart, the Super Ribbed packs the ridges in leaving barely any room between them, making this one of the most intense inserts you can buy.

    I have a mocha colored butt orifice Super Ribbed and I enjoy it immensely. The feelings it gives you are quite intense and it makes for a hell of a ride as you pleasure yourself. The sensation of the Super Ribbed can make it hard to last long because it is constantly stimulating you. The little ridges feel like little fingers massaging and caressing your cock as you slide in and out and the sensation will quickly have you cumming deep inside of your Fleshlight.

    Like the Wonder Wave, I find this Super Ribbed works best with less suction, sometimes I even completely remove the end cap. You want to make sure you use enough lube with this one because if you don’t you may find this amount of stimulation a bit too much so I would recommend being generous with the lube.

    The Super Ribbed is a great insert and one that is definitely nice to have. I would include it in a 3 for 2 package if you are going to go that route. If you make this your one and only Fleshlight then you are going to be in for some very intense fun every time you break out your Fleshlight (which will be often, trust me).

    The Super Ribbed is available in pink with any of the orifices: Lady, butt, and mouth.

    Get your Super Ribbed today.

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