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  • Vortex Fleshlight Review

    Vortex Fleshlight
    I have lagged a very long time in writing my review for the Vortex Fleshlight. I’ve had it for well over a year and I absolutely love it, so here is my long overdue review!

    The Vortex Fleshlight was a bit of a first. The Vortex features an inner canal which varies in diameter that produces an amazing effect as you use it. I love the feeling of the alternating tightness as I slide in and out. When I first saw the Vortex I wasn’t too sure about the spiraling ridges on the inner texture, I just couldn’t really imagine how they would feel. I am very happy to report that the spiraling ridges feel great! I am not sure what it is about the design of the Vortex but this baby produces a lot of suction which really adds to the experience. When all is said and done, the Vortex is a serious winner. I would probably put the Vortex in the top three of my favorite Fleshlights.

    When it comes to lube, the Vortex is pretty good. All of the ridges inside of it really help to keep the lube in place. This is nice because it can really kill the mood when you have to re-lube yourself mid session. The complexity of the texture does make cleaning the Vortex a bit harder than some but it’s really not that bad. It also can take a while to dry once you’re done cleaning. Overall though, I’d say the added cleanup time and drying time are really non-issues considering how good the Vortex feels.

    The Vortex Fleshlight definitely gets high marks in my opinion and it’s one that I would definitely recommend. The Vortex would make a very good first Fleshlight and if you’re going to do the three for two deal I would highly consider making this one of the three.

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